Yuri: Rabito
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Rabito: 3D Rabbit Silicone Skin Case for iPhone 4 @ Sourcesquare.com $39.99

Thanks to Soy for the tip!

Credit: Dnopayittirk@youtube for the video

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  1. ➆Elisha➂ Cabahug➈ツღ ·

    I saw this case back then~ and i like it! And when I saw Yul’s Iphone4 case with that rabito, makes me want to HAVE IT EVEN MORE! Aigooo! xD’

    I asked this at sbox too~ awhile ago~ if that site SourceSquare.com is reliable~ xD’
    but no one had ever bought from that site~

    well, Is it? xD’ ~
    and BTW~ SourceSquare.com has other offer of rabito~ at $16 dollars something, but i think it’s u know? Fake?

  2. azyluris ·

    I’d so buy this. But I’ll probably upgrade to IPhone5 this year… God I love iPhones… can’t wait to see what Yuri does with the next gen phone. Hopefully she upgrades this year, too! lol

  3. Kunnie21yul ·

    Wow i love that pink case its really cute it gives such an unique styke! Nice Yuri (: is there gonna be an Iphone 5 ?? I have to buy it, maybe yuri changes her phone for the new one :O