Contest: What is Soshi Style to you?
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Comment on ‘What is Soshi Style to you.’

Does it help you as an SNSD fan? if so, how? Does it guide you? Inspire you? Anything!

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This contest closes on the 13th of April at 12:00AM KST.

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  1. ミッキークリスプ ·

    Soshi Style is a way for people to feel like they can look good in whatever they wear. You don’t have to stick to 1 specific style. Mixing it up and trying something new is a good thing. You don’t have to be glamorous to look glamorous. It’s something that inspires girls. It shows that it really is a girls’ generation.

  2. oohlalagirl ·

    I really love Soshi Style. It makes me feel more connected to the nine girls’ fashion senses and what they like whenever I find out what they’re actually wearing. It’s nice seeing how the girls have famous designer items and how they look so beautiful in them. Truthfully though, I’m not really interested in style or fashion, but I like trying to dress like them. This site helped me feel closer to them as a fan, being able to mimic the way they dress. I might not be able to afford the actual clothing they posses, but seeing the items and trying to find cheaper versions is fun. :) And the ‘get the look’ articles are simply daebak. I’m in love with how I can dress up almost exactly like the nine girls I absolutely adore and love.

  3. Janne ·

    SOSHISTYLE changed my life.

    before i discovered soshistyle, i was this ‘fashion terrorist’ kpop fan. Bu i was not like hyoyeon, her fashion is awesome. they called me fashion terrorist because the clothes i wore are usually the color of Hitler’s uniform…all over.(you get what i mean don’t you?) i was often looked down on because even though i was an avid kpop fan and SONE, i dressed like a hobo. i felt so helpless at the time.

    After a while i finally had enough of the teasing. I googled the words ‘snsd’ and ‘style’ and SOSHISTYLE came up #1 in the browser. i opened the site and found my life.

    i found the guide to snsd’s fashion! After that i became a fashion diva at my school. people started praising me for my fashion, but i didn’t become an airhead, because the credit all goes to soshistyle. Soshistyle sort of made me intimtidated at first because of the PRICES. but then i thought “so what if i can’t afford their fashion, at least i could find guides that could help me put together awesome outfits” then i transformed.

    i became this confident girl that became happier. i was eager to go to school now because no one teased me anymore. Also, my grades improved, so my relationship with my family became better. Now i am perfectly happy with all soshistyle has made me into. you have changed my life. You made me realize that you don’t have to be rich to be glamorous, as long as youre willing to experiment with fashion, you can change for the better.

    AND,, it has made me love SNSD more. because combined, soshistyle and snsd changed my life for the better.

  4. GiGi ·

    Soshified account: GiGi

    In my opinion, Soshi Style is what sets the Soshified site apart from other fansites. Of course I do not have the budget to copy their outfits, but Soshi Style offers me creative alternatives that won’t break the bank. The site also introduces me to a wide range of designers and brands that I would not have known about otherwise. So Soshi Style is more of an educational tool for me, to learn about fashion houses clothing our girls. Thanks soshified team! :D

  5. Vaneza Claire ·

    I really ❤ SoshiStyling ,whenever I would like to search latest fashion trends I would really visit this site.Since I really love Girls Generation I always run after their styles. I am very curious of what shoes they’re wearing,their clothes, accessories,and especially their hairstyles so I am very happy and glad to have SoshiStyling because it wholeheartedly shares fashion information about our nine girls. It really inspires me and make my day great. SoshiStyling really really serve as my basis on how to dress up nicely,and also on how to fix my hair on certain occasions.THANKS A LOT SOSHISTYLE for making me a part of this girls generation world…

  6. missyx ·

    What is Soshi Style to you.

    Soshi Style brings me closer to our 9 girls and give me a way to connect with them.
    Each girl has 9 distinct styles that reflect their personality and tastes.
    Even when stylists dress them, they can pull off any kind of look.
    Even when they are dressed down, they still look beautiful.
    There’s a reason why our girls are the top girl group and it’s not just because
    of their killer looks and multi talents.
    It’s because what they wear reflect the elegance and grace
    of a top girl group of Korea. Even in Japan they dominate with their chicness.
    And that is what Soshi Style is to me <333

  7. Amy Fujiyoshi Do ·

    To me soshi style is different for everyone. Seohyun usually dresses very sophisticated, Yoona when not on-screen dresses casually every member has their own tastes. I am really inspired by their clothing like when i see them i go on yesstyle and try to find a similar outfit to theirs sometimes i take hours, but its worth it soshi figghting<3

  8. Pashi ·

    Soshi style to me gives me ideas for everyday outfits and sometimes sophisticated looks! I love the way the girls dress, so I come here to look for what they’re wearing (:, and then I can change it too fit me and my style! It makes me closer to this beautiful girl group by feeling apart of what they are doing and inspiring me from even in America where I was adopted. There clothes and style have shown me what’s big in Korea too! So I can wear it here too, thanks to soshi styling I can ^_~!

    감거랍니다! SOSHI FIGHTING!!! <3

  9. Diah Pastikarini ·

    Soshi Style opened my eyes about style. Months ago, I was a high school student that wears elementary-schoolers style. Then, I found my interest at SNSD, which brings me to Soshified that brings me to Soshi Style! Soshi Style showed me what SNSD, my role model wears. It really brightens me up to see how they styled, and told me indirectly how bad my style is ha-ha. But now, I try to become more confident and search for something that suits my age, because of you, SoshiStyle! XD

  10. Julia ·

    To me, Soshi style is as individual as each of the girls themselves. Whether it’s Sunny’s cute look, or Hyoyeon’s risk-taking, each girl has their own special flair. I’d love to be able to pull off even half of what they do!

  11. Mhia ·

    SSF Username: divinefestival

    SOSHI STYLE is both inspiration and confidence for me. I might not be able to afford everything I see here but when I come here (just about everyday), I never fail to get a jolt of inspiration. The styles I see here give me new ideas for not only the things I already own but also when I shop. I keep these gorgeous girls in mind along with those awesome ‘get the look’ articles and I’m trying new things that make me feel stylish and confident.

    Fashion had always been something I spent a lot of time looking at and lusting over (I still do a lot of that here) but never really attempting because I didn’t think I could pull it off. But the more I looked at SOSHI STYLE and the fantastic things our girls wear, the more I wanted to be just as stylish. Suddenly I found myself doing more than admiring. I was experimenting with my clothes and trying things I’ve never done before. I was taking things I saw here and bringing them into my own wardrobe, playing around with cheaper options and becoming more and more confident. These days I can now honestly say that I’m a person with style. SOSHI STYLE is most definitely one of the main things that made me into the fashion lover I am today.

  12. samantha ·

    omg this is something i truly need to comment about!
    i’ve always adored sunnys hair style!
    i love her fringe look how it is nice and curved!
    i’ve been trying to make mine look the same as hers ever since snsd debuted!
    [IMG][/IMG] there it is! i tot tally think its cute!
    soshi style is awesome! i really love the one in ”babybaby”
    even though the clothing is really simple it still looks good!
    the hairstyle is gorgeous aswell. i love the curls! i’ve been curling my hair lately and it feels good :) as snsd’s fan i feel very inpsired because their such adorable n fasionable girls!
    thanks for creating this post about snsd style!

  13. starburst ·

    Soshi Style is a place where I can be up to date about the girls’ fashion sense. I feel inspired to imitate or take their style and turn it into something I would wear. Though sometimes the items are expensive, its nice to know how fashionable the girls’ are. In a way I feel closer to the girls by knowing what they wear and Soshi Style never fails to let us know. I was never really into fashion that much,but after Soshi Style I am more interested and fascinated.

  14. hyangche ·

    Soshi Style is exactly the website I was looking for. I am a college student who doesnt have alot of Korean friends and I do not know much about Korean entertainment. However, I love SNSD and I love Korean fashion. I tend to go on these clothes-cravings where I see something and then I go on a craze to find it. 90% of these “cravings” come from SNSD members. ahahaha and then when I want to find where they get their clothes this was the perfect place to discover! I especially love going through each members style. I feel like I dress like Jessica so there are many times I go on her thread to find inspiration. I am on the short side so I love looking up Taeyeon, Sunny, or Hyoyeon’s style for tips. The oother day I was able to find me and my friend a pair of boots (Tiffany’s Steve Madden boots) I saw on TV through this site.
    So what is Soshi Style to me? It is a SNSD fan’s online fashion magazine for inspiration and shopping tips

  15. John Adricula ·

    Soshi Style to me is another important connection to our girls. As fans we are familiar with their singing ability through their songs, their personality through their appearance on variety shows, and energy through their performances. What we underestimate and sometimes forget in all the above things is how SNSD present themselves either in public or on screen. You only make one first impression, and usually that first impression is an everlasting impression. No matter what the situation is, SNSD always present themselves as the beautiful girls they are, both inside and out. Soshi Style gives us access and insight to the look, trend, and confidence like our girls have.

  16. ShanghaiHilltop ·

    For most of my life, I have not really had any friends who were girls. It was my own fault though, I was very much closed up inside and didn’t know how to let others into my heart because of my sad childhood. Discovering SNSD changed my life. I began to see the 9 girls as my friends. Since they weren’t really in my life, I didn’t have to fear them like i feared other people. Getting to know them really taught me how to appreciate others and see all the beauty a person can possess inside and out.
    How was I able to see them as close friends when they are so angelic? Because the truth is they are real. As real as I am. When I see them strolling through the airport wearing converses and H&M sweaters, thats when I can relate to them as real people. They like cute handbags and Tiffany’s jewelry and big sunglasses. They’re just regular girls like me, not too high or lofty or inaccessible. They’re just girls who like to look cute and cool. Like me.
    Soshi Styling helps me further connect with SNSD as friends, and as ridiculous as that concept might sound, it’s something I value. These girls have brought so much hope, laughter, and inspiration to my life. And I don’t have many real girlfriends I can talk to about fashion or borrow clothes from. But thanks to this site I can dress like SNSD! Their fashion represents the utmost in femininity, beauty, comfort, and style, and I really admire it. I can’t really afford to buy what they do, but thanks to this site, I can talk style with 9 of my closest friends.

  17. Marjorie ·

    Soshi Style is not just a fashion trend, but a statement of who the girls are and what kind of women they are becoming. Every outfit is carefully chosen to match each member’s personality and to reflect their femininity and their charms. Their outfits can range from cute, dark, sporty, angelic, glamorous, a plain white tee with jeans, and high end designer brands. Nonetheless the style is very inspiring.

    Many of us are very inspired by Soshi style, that we look on the internet or magazines to see where they get their clothes, their shoes, their phones, accesories, etc. Why do we do this? Not just because they are the Soshis and we want to know what they’re wearing and where we can get them, but because it is refreshing to find that one piece of clothing or jewelry is from a store that we have heard of and can easily go to. Or perhaps, to even discover that we may own the same thing as one of the Soshis.

    We’re also curious about their fashion senses, and how and if we share the same tastes in clothing. We want to find similarities and connections between us and the Soshis. It is refreshing to see Soshis wear brands from stores that are easily accessible to us and buy clothes that we can easily afford. And even though they’re celebrities, it is nice to see the Soshis do “normal” things like going to the store, etc.. It makes them seem like “normal” girls that we can relate to, and look up to instead of the “Goddesses” everyone sees them as.

    Soshi Style is more than just a statement of who the girls are and who they are becoming. They are trendsetters and they’re leaders. It’s their confidence and charming personalities that sets them apart from other girl groups and celebrities.That is why Soshi Style is the best. It’s all different, cute, luxurious, girly, sporty, dark, unique and Soshi style really represents what it means to be a girl, and what kind of person we aspire to be. They definitely inspire me to look and feel my best.

  18. Lisa Truong ·

    SoshiStyle have a huge affect on me, because I love 9 members of SNSD’s style. Each member style inspire me in different way. New generation = new style so why not let your lovely Girls Generation show you the new trend of fashion, hottest hair style, or beauty tips.Soshistyle show fans “4D” side of SnSd -Goddess, -Simple,-Active, and -Mystery.
    My friends recognize the way I dress is more fashionable then before, but they never know that the “SECRET WEAPON” I used is “SOSHISTYLE”.