SNSD: Burberry Prorsum
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Burberry Prorsum: Spring 2011 RTW Collection @

As seen at the: 20th Seoul Music Awards

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  1. sobriquet. ·

    omg this is such delicious eye candy! soshi totally rocked the collection!! so gorgeous, i am so envious *0* those coats almost cost my tuition for college!~ but desperately wants!

  2. ghizuu ·

    OMG I saw this collection (Sunny’s Jacket) in my copy of Feb 2011 Elle Canada under the Androgyny Trend! I had the biggest feeling SNSD would wear something from the new collections/trends andthey DID! Absolutely Freaking LOVE IT!! Looks amazing on the girls!

    • itamixsama ·

      I agree that this is a total miss. First of all, the ultimate crime of crimes-

      Coodi Noona- they hire you for a reason!

      You can’t just rip styles off the runway and expect them to work for anyone you drape the clothes on! As a stylist you should be making your own choices, mixing several brands together to get a ‘Girls’ Generation’ look, not a Burberry Prorsum look. Makes me fume at the utter lack of creativity here.

      The girls look absolutely fine by themselves when they take pictures separately, but honestly, the picture they present as they just walk out as a bunch out of their car is not co-ordinated at all. Are you trying to present these girls as a group or as different people? Because if you’re doing them up as a group, this is total fail. None of the outfits complement the other outfits around them, and it’s a total colour clash when everyone just walks out.

      There’s also a reason why models on runways walk out one by one and not herd by herd.

      However, the ladies do look very lovely.

  3. anonymous ·

    I really love their outfits. It’s not the usual where the females would just wear a nice fancy dress, and they just give off an awesome vibe. I ESPECIALLY love Yoona’s and Yuri’s jacket :D Although it’s too fancy that I can’t imagine myself wearing it ><

  4. xxCrazeeSONE ·

    They were wearing BURBERRY? I didn’t know that!
    Amazing! Burberry is such a famous and stylish brand.
    Even Emma Watson modeled for Burberry.
    Amazing, they are just so beautiful. =D

  5. Dee ·

    I like the outfits in general. taeyeon somehow doesnt look comfortable; maybe not the right picture. Seohyun looks like a supermodel! she looks amazing; great makeup and her long straight hair doesnt compete with the outfit. Jessica looks amazing as well. Her makeup stands out. Tiffany’s look is awesome! not sure how i feel about the red lipstick though. And I think Hyoyeon would’ve looked better with the jacket.

  6. Dell ·

    I love how Burberry has Asian and black models. I’ll remember that if I ever have enough money to buy more than just a wallet from them!