SNSD: BSX, Apple, Wildfox Couture, and more
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Apple: iPad @ $499-$829
BSX: Cotton Hooded Long-Sleeved Pullover (Red) $52.33

Faddy Robot: Iron 2Face(Gray) @ $60.86

Steve Madden: ‘Caryssa’ Pump @ $89.95

Wildfox Couture: Vampire Love Baggy Beach in Mustard @ Revolveclothing $108
Siwy: Jeans Alexa Zipper Short in Hype @ $173

Thanks to Gisselle, H.Iwen & Shawna for the tips!

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  1. Amanda ·

    Anyone know what brand her iPad case is? I’ve been looking for a good case for mine that would serve that exact purpose…

  2. happy soshi ·

    is there anywhere other than the korean website to buy the hoodie?? i can’t really read korea so its hard for me to buy it from the website…