Get This Look: Casual Girls’ Generation – Male
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It was Girls’ Generation. Now it’s Boys’ Generation. We’re back with the girls second concept Girls’ Generation for the boys. Focusing on being simple, casual and comfortable clothing. It is one of their most beloved concept, using basic bold colors such as red, and white.

Le Breve: Mens Red Retro Crew Red Jumper Knit @ $29
American Apparel: White California Fleece Raglan @ $34
Forever21: Barely Distress Denim Shorts @ $13.99
LUVMAISON: Lace-Up Chukka Sneakers @ $48

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  1. 리지 Liz ·

    Hahaha I love how both girl and boy fans can get tips on style here at soshified. SO awesome. I’m gonna get my boyfriend to dress like this so we can both rock out! Soshistyle 8)

  2. Angel ·

    I love that you guys do this. I’m not a guy, but I love how Soshified caters to ALL sones.
    Guys would look pretty darn cute dressing like this xD
    SNSD and well dressed guys- you stylists have given us the best of both worlds <3