Review: Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars
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Review on Chuck Taylor Allstars as seen on all of Girls’ Generation

KitaHoshi - These are the most popular brand of sneaker EVER. I’ve seen EVERYONE wearing these shoes from their grandma to our girls. I personally don’t like the design, but one to each it’s own. It’s very simple design, it’s more of a casual, boyish feel to it so how could I write a review on it? But luckily my sisters own these shoes and I asked them their opinion on it. They love the way it looks, but complained the soles do not have enough cushion, even compared to their Keds which I found surprising. The other downside it was a bit expensive @ $40 +. But there are some stores that carry ones in the $20-$30 range. The upside is that it does not ruin easy, they can go through wear and tear like crazy. The only tear I saw on their chucks were where you bend the shoes (not easy to explain). The soles are made up of rubber which made it a bit heavy, and canvas makes up the rest of the shoes. Overall they consider it a very good shoe to own. 4/5 stars

ghizuu - With these shoes in different colours and patterns it can be hard to choose what to buy. I personally favour the solid coloured ones as opposed to the ones with patterns all over, only because in my opinion the solid coloured shoes stand out more as is. They can be stylish in a way, but I don’t recommend wearing these shoes daily because they are almost similar to flats and the insoles aren’t cushioned so well, which is not good for the feet. 3/5 stars

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  1. Michelle ·

    Love the review, I love Chucks as they are so versatile and can be worn with so many outfits. I agree with Ghizuu, it shouldn’t be worn on a daily basis (although I wear at least 5 times a week >_<") after walking and running in Chucks for a long time, your feet do get sore after sometime because of the insoles which aren't made for extensive usage.

  2. Elliott Kim ·

    I’m really broken on these because while I don’t like them, so many people do, but info from the not for sale campaign revealed that they are made by slave laborers and that’s something I don’t want to be supporting.

  3. iamrold ·

    “they can go through wear and tear like crazy”
    I haven’t worn mine that much but it feels like its gonna last!

  4. SunnyUnni ·

    I wear mine everyday but I wear athletic shoes to work out and run and all that. They really are pretty awful on the feet sometimes if you walk around for a few hours though…

  5. lisaa ·

    Well , they’re comfortable I guess .
    You can wear it with almost anything . It gets tiring after a few hours wearing them , so I guess that’s a flaw . You can’t wear them to go running that’s all I know . But it’s easy to match with any outfit . Also , it’s a little too expensive . Which usually isn’t worth it , I must say . But for now , I’m in love with them .

  6. thamie20 ·

    I myself can say that converse is one of the most convenient shoes ever made in this world. Since I have 3 pairs of converse shoes in different designs(1 w/ a teared-up design, 1 neon pink w/ a neon blue double inside, & 1 same w/ Seohyun’s genie cover shoes :D) I have to say that all of them are used-up because its very comfortable to wear especially when you walk a lot. Plus, they really fit any get-up whether your wearing shorts, jeans or dress(rock star like XD) and as some of you say Timeless. It doesn’t wear off fast except for the all-star part at the back. and some of them even have another pair of shoelace. But then, they are expensive but cheaper than the DC shoes ^^, cause I usually spend 200Qr+ on one pair and only get one pair of them a year(although its cheaper here in Qatar compared to the one that I bought in the Philippines). Anyways, Converse is one of the shoes that i’m definitely addicted w/ and will surely collect :]

  7. Aurora ·

    I absolutely adore these shoes. I bought them in three different colors and recently bought a fourth pair. x) I originally bought two in black and brown and each was in great shape for almost 3 years. My blue pair purchased a year after the black and brown hasn’t been worn as much, but it’s still holding up and looks almost new.

  8. Julie ·

    I’ve got three pairs of chucks. Though I heard it gives you flat feet since the shoes don’t have arch support, so I’m planning on buying insoles for it so I can avoid having flat feet :)

    But personally, I wear them cause of the design and in terms of comfort, I don’t really find them comfortable mainly due to the lack of ankle and arch support. But a lot of people say they’re comfy though they’re probably comparing it to wearing heels and flats which I don’t wear (2 days of wearing flats and my feet were killing me!! TT-TT)

  9. Anonymous ·

    Although I love the design, I really hate how uncomfortable it is. But I guess these shoes might be comfy for those with flat feet…
    Anyway, I prefer my Nike Air Forces and Blazers much more which are about twice as more expensive but is definitely worth the buy. But I guess everyone at some point should wear a pair of chucks at least once in their life.