Taeyeon: Textured Wavy Hairstyle
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You might need:

Redken Soft Spin 05
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Babyliss Double Curl Styler
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1. Start with just dried hair. Comb through, removing any tangles.
2. Mist half-inch sections with Redken Soft Spin 05.
3. Use spiral curl with Babyliss Double Curl Styler in alternating directions to curl hair. Begin with the undersection of your hair, working your way up to the top. Twist a small section of your hair with your hands for spiral curls, or take a flat, larger section for loose curls.
4. Open the curling iron and release the curls. Proceed with other sections until all areas have been curled.
5. Flip your head and shake out the curls, then style your hair with your fingers.

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  1. Hyunah ·

    Ah~ I want to do this hairstyle so badly, but i don’t really want to buy that ‘double’ curling iron just to do it. D: Would a normal one work?

  2. Shannon ·


    You can easily recreate this look by braiding your hair from root to tip while your hair is damp. Just leave the braids in until they are dry then take them out. Remember not to braid your hair too tightly though or the hairstyle will come out too crimped.

  3. C-lowicious ·

    There is the Curling Barrel Iron that looks like it may achieve those soft waves but I have never tried it so don’t trust me ^^ Thanks for this!

  4. Khadijah ·

    You can also use a hair straightener and curl your hair on the straightener. I knew this from youtube, SNSD Yoona curls