Hyoyeon: Who Wore It Better?
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As seen in the Run Devil Run promotional images as well as the music video, Hyoyeon wore this Military Hooded Vest by Jeremy Scott x Adidas as did Rihanna in the Run This Town music video.

Who Wore it Better?

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  1. Fanboy88 ·

    wow one person voted rihanna…haha maybe it was to make it not 100% anymore…lol…but i voted hyo so it wasn’t me

  2. whimsicalchild ·

    No doubt Rihanna will look good in what she wears, but come on…

    Of course Hyo wore it better. She looks sexy wearing it, while (no offense, Riri) but the way she’s wearing the outfit is like she’s wearing a tent.

    So yeah, Hyo def wore it better

  3. dellaiNe ·

    Hahaha… posting this here makes the result obvious..
    but seriously.. Hyo wears it better.. She looks totally sexy while rihanna.. it makes her looks like she had just escaped hell…

  4. Lexie ·

    Rhianna looks good, but… idk, having it closed all the way to the bottom, the hood and the mask? It looks kinda bulky like that.

  5. grace ·

    is this a serious question? ahhah~ of course, hands down, it’s hyoyeon!
    she’s lookin mighty fierce *waves finger

  6. Lei ·

    ofcourse everyone says hyo wore it better this is an snsd fan site:))) lol i doubt rihanna knows who hyo is anyhoo hyo looks sexy in it but i would never wear that;P

  7. S@lly ·

    I remember Minzy wore this too in the “Try to Follow me” mv since its Jeremy Scott its no surprise that 2ne1 wore this too, but can’t decide who wore it better >_<;

  8. xoxoCherrylovexoxo ·

    From al the girls that wore this: hyo was the best of all. She looks like a pretty-chic while lookng cool at the same time. on the other hand….. that totally doesnt fit her. she looks like she is a murderer…

  9. bianca bolivar ·

    its not only rihanna and hyohyeon who wears that dress also minzy in 2ne1..she wears that same dress on their mv “try to follow me”…watch and you’ll notice they are wearing the same dress…

  10. xXJooyeonXx ·

    do you guys know who wore it better than both of them??? 2NE1′s Minzy in the try to follow me mv!

  11. D**** ·

    To be honest, HyoYeon is my least liked member, but there’s no doubt that she wore the dress much better than Rihanna. But when it comes to HyoYeon and Minzy, I can’t pick. :D

  12. Cammy ·

    Hyoyeon wore it better. I like then both tho but i guess Rhi is a lil scary for me. Hyoyeon look fierce. PPl were saying how hyoyeon copy ppl by wearing this, but its so stupid cuz its fashion. ppl wear the same thing if they like it. And anyways, its not like hyo choose this to wear herself, its for the shoot.