SNSD: American Apparel
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American Apparel: Thick Knit Jersey High Romper @ $44

As seen on: MBC Music Core

Thanks to Lily Ning for the tip!

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  1. 소시짱 ·

    cuteee~ I love american apparel! I didn’t know they had it in Korea though ^o^ (if they even have it in Korea that is :p)

  2. therealyukino ·

    Wait, but what performance was this? o.O

    Man, these are cute and all, but I really want the overall shorts from Gee… those were so adorable, and I can’t find anything like them anywhere.

  3. summer_ariyen ·

    they do have an american apparel store in seoul! i saw it in myeong dong last week! and it’s pretty big too, at the corner of the street opposite codes combined(: they have a wicked stock of clothes there(: