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Jessica: Givenchy, Balmain, Michael Kors, Cartier
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Givenchy: Fall 2012 RTW Collection

Two for Trinity necklace @ $6245
Juste un Clou bracelet @ $6250
Juste un Clou ring @ $2175

Gucci: Fall 2012 RTW Collection

Trinity bracelet @ $540
Trinity ring, classic model @ $1450
Juste un Clou bracelet @ $6250

Balmain: Ivory Tuxedo Jacket @ £ 1,558

Trinity bracelet @ $540
Trinity ring, classic model @ $1450

LOVE wedding band @ $1075
LOVE bracelet @ $4375
Juste un Clou bracelet @ $6250

Michael Kors: Black Lace Combo Dress @ £ 1,233
Cartier: LOVE long necklace @ $20,700

As seen in: W Korea Magazine – September 2012 Issue

Tiffany: Adolf Dominguez, Juicy Couture, Fleamadonna
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Adolfo Dominguez: Cover Shoulder Bolero @ 99,00 €
Juicy Couture: Smocked Swim Dress @ $150.79


Juicy Couture: Cherry Print Swim Dress @ $231.98

Juicy Couture: Floral Sateen Shorts @ $138

Fleamadonna: Spring 2012 RTW Collection

Monday Edition: Big Pearl Helvetica Ring @ ₩42,000

As seen in: Ceci Magazine, August 2012 Issue

Yuri: Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Yves Saint Laurent
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Vivienne Westwood Red Label: Peonia Taffeta Dress @ €840.00

Yves Saint Laurent: Arty gold-plated glass ring @ $290
Giambattista Valli: Wedge Sandal @ $735

Balmain: Silk Satin Lapel Cotton Velvet Jacket @ $2545

As seen in: Harpers Bazaar Korea Magazine – June 2012 Issue

Pink Items in Vogue This Year
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There is a specific type of clothing being worn by stars in dramas that has been capturing the attention of viewers. Everybody has probably wondered, “What brand is that from?”, or “How much does that cost?” at one point. Moneytoday’s fashion-beauty site, “StyleM” tried to solve the questions on stars’ outfits.

Fashionistas often wore pink items in public during the first half of this year. The color pink makes one’s face look bright, and also creates a feminine feel, gaining much love from women. We looked for stars who wore items that ranged from neon-like hot pink colors to a more toned down nude pink.

This pink onepiece worn by singer/actress Yoona in the KBS drama “Love Rain” is from Luccacouture. This product can show off one’s legs with the unbalanced length of the front and back of the dress. The round collar is feminine and gives off a cheerful look. In the drama, Yoona matched it with a pink, striped cardigan, creating an innocent look. The dress is priced at 92,000 won.

On May 20th, Girls’ Generation – TTS member Seohyun, who is in charge of MCing MBC’s “Show Music Core”, showed off a Zsiska ring. The ring she wore is good to wear as an emphasis point of an outfit, with its bold, crystal decorations. Seohyun’s choice of the hot pink color added to her beauty. The price of this ring is 69,000 won.

Source: StyleM
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: residentbenchwarmer@soshified

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SNSD: Mzuu
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Mzuu: Russian Roulette Bracelet @ $21,56

Mzuu: Rule Ring @ $55,44

Mzuu: Stud Bang Necklace @ $114,40

Mzuu: Mixhide Bracelet @ $72,16

Mzuu: Paethon Bracelet @ $44

Mzuu: Wonder Lady Necklace @ $43,12

Mzuu: Rich Futurise Bracelets @ $18,48

Mzuu: Shinny Night Necklace @ $98,56

Mzuu: Risio Bracelet @ $33,44

Mzuu: Via Lattea Necklace @ $47,52

Mzuu: Glamor S Ring @  $132

Mzuu: Rich Girl Earrings @ $112,64

Mzuu: Cleopatra Necklace @  $31,68

Mzuu: Accordion Bracelet @ $79,20

Mzuu: Risio Bracelet @ $33,44

Mzuu: Bianca’s Coin Necklace @ $105,60

Mzuu: Rule Ring @ $55,44

Mzuu: Change Bracelet @ $41,84

Mzuu: Wraped Bracelet @ $28,16

As seen on: SNSD’S The Boys Music Video