Sunny: Hit or Miss?
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To start of 2013, we have a newcomer to the Hit or Miss victims list. This time it’s Sunny, who was photographed wearing Black Studded Sneakers from ShoeSone at the recording of Koala Kid: The Outback.

These sneakers are really a love it or hate it item due to the exaggerated chunkiness of the soles, which may remind many of the McDonald’s clown’s iconic shoes. With Sunny being so petite, these high tops seem overwhelming for her body size. Fortunately, she has managed to avoid committing a catastrophic fashion crime since the rest of her outfit is nothing out of the ordinary.

Those of you who disagree may find Sunny’s sneakers edgy and unique. The studs do add fierceness and eccentricity to her overall look, but still, the shoes seem like a little too much.

What do you think of the sneakers?

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Sooyoung: Hit or Miss
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The last Hit or Miss of 2012 questions Sooyoung’s choice of outfit once again. This month she was seen wearing a Sequin Lip Blouse and Knee Length Skirt, both by Moschino Cheap and Chic, on SBS Midnight TV Entertainment.

The skirt doesn’t seem to be the problem; it’s cute, simple and an appropriate length for Sooyoung to sit without feeling exposed. The color and organza fabric add a girly flair to her outfit. However, the problem arises with the blouse, which is awkwardly printed with faces and colored lips.

Since Sooyoung is wearing the blouse tucked in, only one lip is visible, making the print even more odd. Another issue with the top is the rainbow hued sequins. Not only do the colors of the sequins make the blouse look cheap, but they also make the sequins resemble the scales of a fish. Surely, many people will agree that it is mainly the sequins that cause problems with Sooyoung’s outfit.

Sooyoung is our victim for the last Hit or Miss poll of this year, so do you want to be merciful or let her know what you really think?

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Sooyoung: Hit or Miss?
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As we move into winter, we’ve been seeing lots of fur this season. Sooyoung, a notorious fashionista, followed this trend as she appeared on an episode of SBS Midnight TV entertainment (11/14/12) wearing a Hairy Sleeve Sweater by Carven.

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing Sooyoung in this sweater is how large it makes her look! The hairy sleeves resemble the arms of a teddy bear and do nothing to flatter her body. The combination of the blue and white pattern with the puffy sleeves just doesn’t seem right. Those two areas seem to clash and compete for attention since they are two completely different concepts.

We don’t have a view of what Sooyoung is wearing on the bottom, but whatever it is, it probably won’t be able to save her from this sweater.

However, as always fashion is very subjective, so there may be some who see this Carven piece as fashion-forward or eccentric in a good way. No one can deny that it is unique and makes a statement.

What’s the verdict? Hit or Miss?

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Yoona: Hit or Miss?
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For this month’s hit or miss, we are questioning Yoona’s choice of outfit for the premiere of “Dangerous Liaisons”. She attended the event in an Étoile Isabel Marant Gladys Mohair Jacquard Sweater paired with an Isabel Marant Bilbao Metallic Brocade Mini Skirt. She accessorized her look with a Jimmy Choo Rebel Shoulder Bag.

The main issue that arises from this outfit is the lack of compatibility between the sweater and the skirt. Both pieces are loaded with metallic and shiny material, so the combination of the two seems somewhat tacky. The sweater and the skirt both compete for attention and therefore, make Yoona’s outfit look messy.

The Jimmy Choo bag adds to this clash in garments; the leopard pattern on the shoulder bag doesn’t seem to quite match the sweater or the skirt. Fortunately, Yoona played it down below her skirt by wearing basic black tights and simple black shoes, avoiding making her outfit messier.

The pieces she wore are lovely individually, but when put together, it is difficult to appreciate each one since they are not very compatible witheach other. Another question that arises is whether this outfit is appropriate for the event. Given that she Yoona attended a VIP premiere, a sweater might have been a little too casual.

What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of the all-over metallic shiny look Yoona sported at the premiere? Is this a hit or miss?

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Seohyun: Hit or Miss?
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The subject of this month’s Hit or Miss poll is Seohyun, who was seen wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim Short Sleeve Contrast Top Dress at the Popular Music Committee Launching Event. The big question that arises from this outfit is: is this dress classy or does it make her look like an old lady?

The appropriate length of this Phillip Lim piece definitely makes Seohyun look mature, which matches her somewhat conservative personality. The simplicity and monotonous color of the dress may seem classy, but these aspects are also responsible for making the dress border on dullness.

The lack of captivating colors and the loose sheer sleeves age her too much, and her plain shoes don’t emphasize her youth either. Another issue in this outfit is the fitting; the dress is not well tailored to Seohyun’s body so she looks slightly bulky and we cannot appreciate the great figure she has.

Overall, it seems like her outfit lacks in different aspects (hairstyle, jewelry, color, etc.). Seohyun will have lots of time when she’s older to wear simple and mature clothes, so why not take advantage of her youth and have more fun with fashion?!

So what do you say? Classy or overly mature? Hit or Miss?

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Review: Phillip Lim Ribbon Silk Chiffon Top
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Review on 3.1 Phillip Lim Ribbon Silk Chiffon Top as seen on Sooyoung.

We all know that Sooyoung is one of the fashionistas of SNSD. When I saw her wearing this ribbon silk chiffon top by 3.1 Phillip Lim, I was drawn by how unique and interesting it was. Phillip Lim plays with balance and symmetry by making the ribbons longer on one side. The hanging ribbons give the shirt a quirky feel and therefore, are the main details.

The material really is 100% silk (just the trimmings are cotton), so the shirt feels fine and delicate. The fitting is boxy/straight, which adds to the cool and casual theme of the piece. Someone who prefers curve-hugging and girly designs might not be satisfied with this shirt.

The only complaint I have is that the ribbons constantly move around, so they don’t stay perfectly in line. They often stick to each other and 2 different ribbons become one. It can be quite a hassle to arrange them frequently but its uniqueness and fine quality make up for it.

I would really recommend this piece by 3.1 Phillip Lim as long as you’re willing to sacrifice comfort to arrange the ribbons. It is a shirt that screams “designer” and “expensive”. People passing by will take a moment to look at this shirt because it is peculiar in an interesting way.

Rating: 4/5

You can buy the 3.1 Phillip Lim Ribbon Silk Chiffon Top here.

Sooyoung: Hit or Miss?
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A few weeks ago, Sooyoung was photographed in a questionable outfit at the Gimpo Airport. Sooyoung was wearing Isabel Marant cropped jeans with vertical stripes that made her already long legs look even longer, finishing off with simple oxford shoes. Sooyoung carried an Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel Bag, a great to-go bag seen often with many of the SNSD members. Everything was going well waist down, but waist up, we started to have our doubts.

The piece that created controversy was a Markus Lupfer shirt with the image of a corset printed on it. That along with the black embroidery on the bra area might have been what made this shirt look somewhat cheap, perhaps her posture in the photograph wasn’t helping much either.

After having seen Sooyoung in mostly classy outfits, what do you say about this one? Hit or miss?

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