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This week the girls are looking stunning in Versace’s Spring 2012 collection in their latest Japanese music video entitled “All My Love Is For You”.  A stark contrast to the darker style of clothing the girls wore for most of the video, these outfits helped to brighten and give a fresh and young look to the girls.

Many of the dresses have beautiful details, such as Yoona’s dress with its intricate beading and Taeyeon’s dress that has an ocean themed print.  Letting the pieces from Donatella’s under the sea themed collection do all the talking, many of the members opted for no accessories and understated shoes in similar tones to their outfits.

Overall, the outfits are a perfect match to the girls, showing off their bright personalities and individuality, while still being cohesive and matching together.

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  1. soosunhyoyulfany ·

    I only really liked Yuri, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Tiffany and Yoona’s outfits. Sunny’s jacket clashes with her hair, Jessica should lose the messy braid and necklace (and not have a top that looks like a baby’s bib), Seohyun looks like she forgot to wear a matching bra (the yellow looks really weird when compared with the blue, which looks gorgeous), and Taeyeon’s hair looks very odd and her dress looks like it can’t decide between being a sari or a sundress.

  2. Nguyennguyen ·

    Yes! Versace! I knew it for the first time i watched this MV! My favorite outfit is Yuri’s.
    SM seems to treat SNSD well, outfit wise.:)