Sooyoung: Burberry Prorsum, Mulberry
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Burberry Prorsum: Owl Detail Cotton Shirt @ $295
Mulberry: Alexa Oak Soft Buffalo @ £795

As seen at: Gimpo Airport – 08/03/2012

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  1. Myhoneyischarmingladycarmz Choi ·

    WOW! Looks like EXO…kekeke Owl & Buffalo. Anyway, SooYoungie unnie is so pretty as what Kyu Oppa says, she got prettier as day goes by. I always waiting for Soshistyle to post pics of SooYoungie unique fashion sense. As always, she always impress me with her styles. She really knows what clothes looks good in her….@_@/…yah! SMTOWN Japan…Whoah! Gotta search for fancams after it finish!…(^_^)….Hope there were moments of my OTPs!

  2. aiisa ·

    SOOYOUNG with mulberry bad gifted to her during her birthday in Feb from Sones I heard..

    her style is simple and classy.. loves it