Sooyoung: Burberry Prorsum, LAP
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Burberry Prorsum: Cropped Shearling Aviator Jacket @ $2,096.50

LAP: Feminine slim chiffon one-piece dress

As seen at: Gimpo Airport Arriving from Japan, 03/01/2012

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  1. muu ·

    dilaa on this site you’re supposed to comment on the clothes,not how the girls look.”she so preety” and what does that have to do with the burberry jacket..?

  2. lyana ·

    she came from a rich wonder tought.but y a fans said sunny d richest?sooyoung no 12 n sunny no 18 from idol royal family.her uncle(lee soo man)only rich not her parent.if sooyoung grandfather n parent both rich.

  3. sokey ·

    lulz no matter how rich her family was. she still buy that jacket by her own money, she’s already 21/22!! impossible if she begging her family to give her money to buy that jacket