Review: Guess Pink Feminine Contemporary Watch
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Review on Guess Pink Feminine Contemporary Watch as seen on Jessica.

One of my most favorite watches is this Pink Feminine Contemporary Watch by Guess. I’ve been wearing this watch for couple months and actually I wear it almost everyday hehe. I love it since it’s pink and simple. I think it’s in the right price too. (For such a beautiful and worth watch, I prefer Guess than any other top brands)

(+): Some girls will really like this because the soft pink color fits any kind of style. Talking about stylish or not, I think this is a good choice to look more trendy, modern and also elegant because its design fits the youth style –simply beautiful.

(-): The chain which is made by ceramics can be broken easily if you don’t take care of it well, for example when you accidentally ramming it. Sometimes it can be repaired but the outcome isn’t good as it was.

Overall, this Pink Feminine Contemporary Watch is very nice: adorable color, nicely done shapes, stable watch system, and good price.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

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  1. nug9 ·

    Thanks for the review! It’s definitely a great-looking watch – classic and elegant. Even though I prefer digital watches, if I wanted an analogue watch, I would instantly buy this one. Thanks again for writing this up!