Sooyoung: Who Wore it Better
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As seen in 20th Seoul Music Awards. Sooyoung is wearing a Burberry Prorsum Metallic Quilted Leather Biker Jacket and a Layered Silk Satin Backless Dress from Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 RTW Collection. This was match with black high heels making it a chic match.

2NE1, Minzy also Wore the same metallic jacket with a designed dress and a simple hairstyle on their latest ‘Lonely’ MV with other 2NE1 members. Think they both used this jacket because you can get a bad and chic look at the same time but both looks are great! What do you think?

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  1. intan ·

    LOL.. it’s about Sooyoung and Minzy.. but then the poll is asking to pick between Hyoteon and Rihanna.. to answer the Q, i have to go with Sooyong.. she gives off chic aura.. i like it..

  2. zlin ·

    oooopppps… there’s something wrong… the choices are between hyoyeon and rihanna… it must be sooyoung and minzy..

  3. WobBLeR ·

    Hmm… Although I’m not a big fan of theirs, I have to go with Minzy on this one…
    I think the jacket is meant to give off a bad girl feel, and Minzy just pulled it off, by wearing it with the collar up + necklace and rocking a simple hairstyle.
    Also, the jacket suits Minzy’s top more than SooYoung’s dress…

  4. hellojazzii ·

    yeah, i looove sooyoung and i’m not that big a fan of 2ne1, but i think minzy wore it better. like what WobBLeR said, i think the jacket’s supposed to give a “bad girl” edgy look, instead of worn elegantly with a dress.

  5. jojo ·

    SOOYOUNG how she has that rocker chic aura but still with elegance. also the metallic jacket fits so well with the dress..

  6. Anonymous ·

    I think they both wore it well. They both give off a different feel where Minzy shows more of a “bad girl” kind of look and Sooyoung shows more of a chic and casual look. But I’d have to go with Sooyoung simply because when I see Minzy wear it, it’s just hard to imagine wearing that sort of jacket casually in everyday life, whereas Sooyoung shows that the jacket can be worn anywhere, regardless of whether the event is formal or not.

  7. Diana ·

    The jacket looks much better on Sooyoung. It looks polished and chic on sooyoung and fitted better to her model body. It look tight on Minzy and looks like she cant be able to zip up the jacket. It makes Minzy look heavy.

    My vote: SOOYOUNG.

  8. Sowoneul ·

    2ne1′s Minzy wore it better, but since I’m more feminine, I’d totally go with SooYoung’s style in public.

  9. elusive ·

    sooyoung’s a pretty girl and quite fashion savvy but this jacket def. do not look better on her. much better on minzy.

  10. Adryanna ·

    Firstly, I think it’s pretty hard to sport a metallic jacket like that, it’s pretty ‘out there’ and so you gotta wear it right to make it look ‘out there’ but in a good way (lol did I make sense~).

    Sooyoung wore it fine but Minzy definitely wore it better. I just don’t like the jacket with the dress Soo is wearing, it just don’t go. Minzy was pretty simple with a top and pants but the whole style in general went well, even the cross-necklace. It also helps that it’s more of Minzy/2NE1s style rather SNSDs.

    So Minzy, for me.

  11. K ·

    LMAO @ the heavy bias in here. Minzy easily wore it better because it’s overall make is for an ensemble like hers. The jacket seems like such a rushed after thought over Sooyoung’s dress.

  12. Sooyoungsters ·

    i think shikshin wears it better….can’t you see??they are wearing a little bit different jacket….and of course you all will say Minzy looks better coz her jacket is shiny and don’t have any accesories on the jacket..she did look pretty coz it’s a different jacket even though the jackets brand is same….but,of course our beloved shikshin look prettier than Minzy coz her jacket has the elegant looks..because of that,she wears the dress…she’s more better than that “A Bit Pretty Minzy”…

  13. SooMinlover ·

    …wow. Could everyone stop saying “A Bit Pretty Minzy” and saying it makes her look heavy? These two are my ultimate biases, and after struggling for about five minutes, I picked Minzy. Sooyoung’s makes her look pale and washed out (almost like the jacket was thrown on as an afterthought”, while Minzy’s coloured shirt and angled hair pops against the jacket.

    Both these girls are gorgeous and talented.